Where the Hell Am I?

This blog is the reserved parking space of Jeremiah Boydstun and his completed and in progress flash fiction challenges for Chuck Wendig’s blog terribleminds.com. Each week Chuck assigns his followers a writing challenge—generally something that deals in the speculative genres and is designed to probe the limits of sanity and imagination. The entries are required to clock in at 1000-1500 words and must be posted to an external site (like the one you’re reading right now), but the stories on this site often exceed that, and I continue to tinker with the stories long after the original deadlines have passed.

Chuck’s blog has been and continues to be a lifeline for aspiring writers, like me, as it provides a means and an impetus to write, since, truth be told, we sometimes just aren’t strong enough or disciplined enough to kick ourselves in the pants. The weekly challenges also allow writers to venture outside of their comfort zones and experiment with topics, styles and voices they might otherwise eschew. Finally, the blog functions as a wonderful zone of discovery where I often stumble upon stories or story ideas that I hope to later parlay into larger projects.

I’d like to thank Chuck for the opportunity and the inspiration to partake in the joy that is writing, and I’d like to thank any reader who might chance upon this site and actually read something. Comments are much appreciated. Jeremiah can also be reached at kipps74@aol.com.


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